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One Word Photo Challenge: Cream

I noticed this morning that 4 of my last 6 posts have been of animals – albeit of very different types.  While overall animals probably make up less than 5%  of my photos I do have one more this week – for Jennifer’s challenge.

I have been blogging photos almost daily for 3 months and haven’t previously posted a picture of P. Cat (yes that’s her name), so I hope I can get away with one without looking like a crazy cat lady.

I blogged a while ago about my nephews being bribed with chocolate to pose for photos.  I have to say that presented with cream the cat was the more compliant subject.


p cat drinking cream 


A – Z Challenge : H

H is for Haul Out

Just past Red Rocks on Wellington’s South Coast is a “Haul out” location where seals spend the winter (in Wellington, May – September).  This particular group is apparently made up mostly of males – younger ones and others who have not succeeded in mating.  They come ashore to fatten up (in the hopes of better luck next year?)

The location is round a bend in the coast – and approaching the group you smell them before you see them

haul out

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