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Pink 30

My final contribution for Square for September .

I’ve enjoyed this challenge a lot. I managed to take a new photo and post it everyday. I’m pleased with a lot of the shots I’ve taken. There is really only one in hindsight that I wished I hadn’t put up and instead seen what else turned up that day (my cat has a pink tag on her collar that I haven’t photographed for the month).

Attempting this has encouraged me to observe my everyday surroundings and reminded me that you don’t have to travel to exotic places to engage with photography. 28 of my photos were taken within walking distance of my home or work. I’ve been out of town this weekend but my last two shots are walking distance from my sisters house in a new subdivision of Christchurch.

Thanks to Becky for hosting this – and everyone who has stopped by and commented or liked.

I wonder what December, when Becky hosts her next month of squares, will bring