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Black and White Sunday: Always There

That Dam

always there

The That Dam in Vientiane is somewhat incongruous, now forming a roundabout  in the middle of a city street.

Known as the ‘Black Stupa’, many locals believe this mythological structure was once inhabited by a seven-headed dragon (now dormant) that stood to protect the city from the threat of the Siamese. Another tale that does the rounds says that the gold that once graced the surface was taken when the Siamese army ransacked Vientiane back in 1828.

Taken and posted as a contribution to Paula’s Black and White Sunday with the theme of “always there


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners

Mekong River – Vientiane

always there

The Mekong River forms the border between Laos and Thailand.

From Wikipedia

Laos and Thailand share a common border and both states have an interest in making the Mekong River “a river of true peace and friendship”—as their respective prime ministers called for in 1976—also provides a north-south artery during the rainy season.

Taken this afternoon and posted as a contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge theme of partners