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A Photo aWeek Challenge: Your Week


I had a busy weekend of watching sport.

I went to the Hurricanes – Crusaders game (the first Hurricanes game I have been to live for some years).  The ‘Canes are having a great season and with Saturday’s win over a bogey team even a cynic like me is starting to believe.

Things weren’t so great for the Phoenix football (soccer) team who I saw live for the first time ever on Sunday.  They ended their season with a loss to Melbourne City.

There was plenty on TV as well.  While I am not interested in boxing, I do like collective experiences and the pub I watched the Mayweather – Pacquiao fight out was packed.  Then when I got home from the Phoenix last night I watched a replay of the Kiwis (Rugby League)  beating fierce rivals Australia.

I was supporting Pacquiao in the fight so only a 50% success rate in terms of who I wanted to win – but still a pretty good couple of days.

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