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Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration

The Johnsonville Line


In my job as a transport policy analyst, my role is to put in place aviation policies which help New Zealand stay connected to the world.   I like my job, and when a new service starts that I helped make happen I do feel like I am making a difference.  And, I have to admit, at times  like this week when something I worked on is mentioned as a good news story on the network news and in parliament I quite enjoy the recognition.
But my admiration really goes to those who literally built New Zealand’s early transport network with picks and shovels.
The Johnsonville line was built in the 1880s as part of the private Wellington and Manawatu Railway Company.  The line became part of  the North Island Main Trunk until the Tawa Flat deviation opened in 1937.
The ruling grade is 1 in 36, with long sections from Wellington to Crofton Downs of 1 in 40. There are seven narrow tunnels, six bridges, and three passing loops.
Taken and posted as a contribution to the weekly photo challenge with the theme of admiration.


Travel Theme: Poetry

Kids from the Johnsonville Dojo participate in the suburb’s 2015 Christmas parade. A contribution to Ailsa’s photo challenge with the theme of Poetry.


I do not dream of Sussex downs
or quaint old England’s
quaint old towns—
I think of what may yet be seen
in Johnsonville or Geraldine

Denis Glover – Home Thoughts


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