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Lens Artist Photo Challenge: Morning



While I am largely taking on board the advice that showering and getting dressed is good for productivity and mental health (OK so I did do my 9:30 skype call on Saturday morning in my PJs – but hey it was Saturday and one of my colleagues did the call from bed) the rest of my morning routine has shrunk.

Pretty much the only thing I do regularly these days before sitting down at my desk is to go out and get the paper.  My team does the daily quiz (which normally we do over afternoon coffee) over a morning video conference.

Today’s news was the imminent government decision as to when we are going to move from ALERT level 4 to ALERT level 3, where slightly more industries are able to open.  The move will be made at midnight next Monday, and we will have at least two weeks at Level 3.  It won’t make a lot of difference to me – the pub and the gym are still closed and I will still be working from home.

Posted for the Lens Artist Photo Challenge with the theme of morning


Blind Ted and Friends

New Zealand is currently at Covid Alert Level 4.  This is pretty much a lockdown although we are permitted to go for walks outside in our immediate neighbourhood (so long as we only go out with those in our household “bubble” and maintain social distance from others).

During this time people are putting teddy bears and others in their windows for children to spot on their family walks

In our window are Gorilla, Blind Ted(dy Bear), Possum, Chewbacca and Eeyore

Ted and co

Perfect for Cee’s Black and White Photo challenge with the theme of double letters

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Split toning

Day 3 of this week’s Digital Photo School at home challenge is split toning.  When I read up on the sort of photos that could be “rescued” using split toning I immediately thought of my photos from our visit a few years ago to Mount Yassar in Vanuatu.

Split toning was another lightroom technique that I had never really used before

It was a challenging environment to take photos (we were in the clouds, and the landscape was very monochromatic and dusty).  I didn’t really get any shots that I was happy with – even as holiday snaps.

Split toning did work to lift the photo – without losing the sense of just how desolate it is


and for comparison here is the very disappointing shot straight out of camera


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Little Planets

Gardens by the Bay

Day 3 of this weeks Digital Photo School challenge is to make a “little planet” using the polar coordinates tool in photoshop.  Its another tool where the basic step by step to use it is very simple – but getting really good results looks like it take an excellent eye or lots of practice

gardens 2


Double exposure

Day 2 of the Digital Photo School At Home challenge this week is Double Exposure.  Becoming skilled at blend modes is obviously something that takes a lot of practice, and more patience than I think I have – but this image of the Great Wall of China outside Beijing and young children in China Town, Singapore is something I am happy enough with for a first effort.

double exposure

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An Easter Gif

Digital Photography School is running stuck at home challenges at the moment.  The five this week focus on software and processing tools.

So in the spirit of that here is my first ever Gif 🙂 .  It does show that I still need to work on my tripod and still life lighting skills – but did succeed in my learning something new in photoshop.