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A Word A Week Photograph Challenge: Rainbow

Light Refracted on the Footpath

refracted light

I don’t have any rainbow photos in my library yet.  Yesterday I went for a walk at lunchtime to photograph a shop that has rainbow style stripes on its veranda and facade.  I got a couple of shots, but nothing I was all that pleased with.  Then on my way back to work this light refracted on the footpath caught my eyes.


One Word Photo Challenge: Beige

Beige Brigade


In the early 1980s the New Zealand one day cricket team wore a rather unattractive beige uniform.  Experiments with teal and grey followed.  Fortunately fabric technology has evolved to a point where it has been possible to manufacture a uniform in our national sporting colour of black that is cool enough for a sport played over an entire day and in summer.  The 1980s look survives however in “Beige Brigade” supporters clothing.