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A Photo a Week: Cropping



This is how Nancy has set this week’s challenge

Cropping is a very important tool in any photographer’s arsenal. Cropping can take a picture from okay to interesting. It can change the feeling or perspective of a shot. Cropping a shot from landscape to portrait (or vice versa) can help change the focus of your image. Cropping helps you tell your story in exactly the way you want. This week, have fun playing around with the cropping tools in whatever photo editing software you prefer.


Thursday Doors

Down by the Port 


I haven’t posted to Norm’s Thursday Door challenge for a while.

My work has moved offices away from a location close to the commercial and parliamentary precinct in Wellington where three are lots of historic (by NZ standards) buildings which have been well maintained or restored.

Our new offices are on port land which has seen some development with modern (but not all that interesting) buildings, but where there are also quite a number of disused buildings.  These relics are not at all beautiful, but do have interesting textures.