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A day at the cricket

Today was day four of the New Zealand-England cricket test at Wellington’s Basin Reserve.

A chance to hang out with friends and the good natured travelling England fans

In the lunchbreak I took the chance to pop into the cricket museum (located under the stand in the photo above). I said hi to a friend who was volunteering there, and took a look at the trophy from the world test championship.

In a Basin tradition that is quite rare around the world, spectators are allowed onto the ground in some of the breaks. We can all pretend that we can actually read what the wicket might do

or get a close up look at the wider England squad going through their paces

and for the kids a chance to have a bit of a hit themselves

The middle of the day saw a somewhat spirited fightback from a poor position for the New Zealand team

But things went a bit pear shaped later in the day. It looks like England should wrap up a win when the game concludes tomorrow.

Despite how my team is doing, this is a post for the Whatever is Lovely Challenge

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Morning ferry

Bren is hosting the Lens Artist Photography challenge this week and has asked us to bring some softness to our photos. I hadn’t planned to shoot for this challenge today, but the light really caught my attention as I was walking from the railway station to my office this morning.

If I had gone out to specifically shoot for the challenge I would have started by taking my X100V because I have the pro mist filter for it, and it allows in camera JPEGS with negative clarity.

Instead this is all done in Lightroom. Mostly with the clarity slider, but also moving texture and dehaze in the soft direction, and a small reduction in the default sharpness.

I also increased the exposure and warmed it up a touch