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One Word Photo Challenge: Cream


I noticed this morning that 4 of my last 6 posts have been of animals – albeit of very different types.  While overall animals probably make up less than 5%  of my photos I do have one more this week – for Jennifer’s challenge.

I have been blogging photos almost daily for 3 months and haven’t previously posted a picture of P. Cat (yes that’s her name), so I hope I can get away with one without looking like a crazy cat lady.

I blogged a while ago about my nephews being bribed with chocolate to pose for photos.  I have to say that presented with cream the cat was the more compliant subject.


p cat drinking cream 

5 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Cream

  1. Crazy cats ladies are more than welcome in my book. Anyone who follows me on instagram knows I post too many photos of my cat. P. Cat seems lovely. I’m sure she appreciates that milk. We don’t let Wolfgang (my cat) have any- for reasons I won’t discuss here (he gets a little smelly…) What do you normally call P. Cat when calling her?

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