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A photo a week challenge: Animals (not domesticated)

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This week Nancy has challenged us to blog a picture of an animal that is not a pet.

On Monday when I had a day off, my partner and I decided to go to Zealandia wildlife sanctuary which neither of us had seen before.

Thanks to a pest-exclusion fence the valley, less than 5km from downtown Wellington, has become a haven for a number of native species.

200 tuatara like this one have been released into the sanctuary and hatchlings have been discovered  (the first case of tuatara successfully breeding on the New Zealand mainland in over 200 years, outside of captive rearing facilities).

It was possible to get to within a few feet of them and it was the first time I had been able to photograph (or even see) tuatara that were not in a glass cage

tuatara 2

One thought on “A photo a week challenge: Animals (not domesticated)

  1. Wonderful image and fascinating information. Thanks for joining the challenge!

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