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A Photo a Week Challenge: The Fruits of Your Labour

Australian Memorial: Pukeahu National War Memorial Park


I’m not an engineer, or a designer or a landscaper.  But I do take a bit of pride in the Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in Wellington.  My modest contribution was being the lead author on the Regulatory Impact Statement accompanying the legislation that fast tracked planning approvals for the project.  That enabled it to be open for Anzac Day commemorations on the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings.

Posted in response to Nancy Merill’s A Photo a Week Challenge theme of “fruits of your labour”


A Photo a Week Challenge: Delicate


Despite its delicate appearance this teacup (which was my Nana’s) has survived numerous earthquakes in two different cities over the past eight years.

Office buildings I was working in both in Christchurch and Wellington have not been so lucky and were so extensively damaged that they had to be demolished.

A contribution to Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week Challenge.


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A Photo a Week Challenge: Soft



As Nancy notes in setting her photo a week challenge, usually as photographers we are trying to get things as sharp as possible.  Sometimes though, a slightly softer look suits the mood of a particular photo.

Somehow I accidentally managed to have my ISO set to 6400 when I took this photo of my nephew.  It turned out I  liked the softness that was introduced when I tried to reduce the resulting digital noise in lightroom. I decided to amp it up by playing with clarity, contrast, texture, warmth and a white vignette.

I love how innocent it makes him look – even though I am pretty sure he is probably actually asking for ice-cream or marshmallows.