Middleton Road

How I see the world

The road most often taken


It’s a bit hard to fully characterise my preferred genre- because it’s really more of a favourite subject. I get a lot of pleasure from lunchtime walks along the Wellington waterfront with a mental list of current WordPress challenges looking for a subject. I guess most of it is vaguely ‘urban’, (even my seascapes usually feature the port or ferries) but it’s a mix of water, architecture, people, wildlife (mostly birds), closeups, reflections and whatever else captures my eye

Shot at lunchtime today for the lens artists challenge of the road most taken

3 thoughts on “The road most often taken

  1. I love the reflection, and that your “reflection” brought you reflection. How nice that you take yourself on lunchtime walks. Well worth the mental break, I am sure.

  2. I like the term urban photography. It fits this image, for sure. Thanks for joining the challenge.

  3. Great shot. And I agree with John about the label urban photography

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