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Makara beach

I took my ebike out for a spin to Makara Beach today. Usually I ride in this area on my road bike for training/fitness but I wanted to focus on photography rather than a hard ride. It was a lovely day for this sort of outing

I detoured down to the beach. The shot I was specifically after was a picture of my bike. I am trying to do the 52 frames challenge and this week the theme is “your hobby”.

Theybeach is a pebble beach and also has a lot of driftwood that has been bleached gray by the sun, suitable for the Sunday Stills challenge of gray and white

Heading back along the Ohariu stream there was water, water everywhere,

a flower of the day

And a door for FOWC

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Enjoy it while you can

Right in the middle of barbecue season, a headline on New Zealand’s biggest news website yesterday was “Brewers in crisis as CO2 rationed, prices leap 500% in six months, industry leader says”. There are fears that some smaller craft breweries will go out of business as the country’s only CO2 manufacturer is closed for safety reasons.

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One I missed in my previous post on this afternoon’s photo walk 🙂

Today was the first day back in the office for many Wellington office workers after the Christmas break. It also happened to be one of the best days of the summer so far. As a consequence the waterfront was teeming with the lunchtime crowd making the most of the sunshine

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A trip into town

I went into town today for the first time since before Christmas, to do some shopping and undertake a bit of a photo walk.

I was unsuccessful in my shopping. The camera shop I went to only had one monopod in stock – which at 300 New Zealand dollars was more than I was willing to pay. But it was a gorgeous day with lots of people out on the waterfront and some good photo opportunities.

I got off the bus near the ramp up to the stadium (overlooking the railway station)

for the which way challenge

On past the police marine base

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This guy is a regular sight – particularly when cruise ships are in town

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Further around is the Wellington sign. The letters have been refurbished from the previous matt painted finish. Now they are highly reflective and depending on the angle of the sun go from orange through a range of amber shades (perfect for Cee’s Midweek Madness) to greens and blues

And finally an invitation to pull up a seat, although I went somewhere else for a bite to eat

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I’m convinced that there must be an interesting composition in the repeating patterns of this Tesla charging station when its empty. But despite two or three attempts over the past couple of months I haven’t been able to nail it. In any case when I went by today for another go it was in use. However that was probably quite fortuitous for the weekly prompts colour challenge of whitish