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A summer evening on the waterfront


I very rarely take more than one lens with me on a photo walk. But some of my lenses, particularly the 18-135, or even the trusty kit 18-55 feel like they have too wide a range to be within the spirit of this weeks Lens Artists challenge to take one lens on a walk

Taking my new to me (bought second hand) 35 mm prime for a stroll seems far more appropriate.

On a sunny, warm, Thursday evening the Wellington waterfront ,while being a working port, is also full of locals, dog walkers, commuters, crews training for the dragon boat festival, and pigeons

4 thoughts on “A summer evening on the waterfront

  1. Great images for your one-lens walk! You showed the wide range of possibilities with your 35 mm lens. Great work and thanks for joining in.

  2. Great selections. Love the dee-oh-gee. What are the yellow and black bags?

  3. A lovely walk! Great choices, and I must say i like them all. The pigeon in the grey environment speaks to me.

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