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Makara beach


I took my ebike out for a spin to Makara Beach today. Usually I ride in this area on my road bike for training/fitness but I wanted to focus on photography rather than a hard ride. It was a lovely day for this sort of outing

I detoured down to the beach. The shot I was specifically after was a picture of my bike. I am trying to do the 52 frames challenge and this week the theme is “your hobby”.

Theybeach is a pebble beach and also has a lot of driftwood that has been bleached gray by the sun, suitable for the Sunday Stills challenge of gray and white

Heading back along the Ohariu stream there was water, water everywhere,

a flower of the day

And a door for FOWC

3 thoughts on “Makara beach

  1. I like how you quintuple-dipped the photo challenges! I love your e-bike, it looks wonderful. I’m in the market for one myself, but I’ll need to go with the folding style. Great to see your post for Sunday Stills–all fabulous photos!

  2. Great post; love all the shots 😃

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