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Working the shot


This week Lens Artists are challenging us to post a series of 3 shots – demonstrating the importance of exploring the subject from a variety of angles and perspectives.

This is a real life example from today as I looked to make a photo in response to mindlovemisery menagerie’s photo challenge #435

As I headed out the door this was the shot I had in mind

Even though I walk past here every day, I’m usually on the other side of the road and I hadn’t realised how overgrown the path had become.

Maybe I’ll head up the steps just a bit to the upper path and try a landscape orientation ….

… its a bit more of an interesting photo. But its not really doing it for me. And it doesn’t highlight the steps (which were an important part of the prompt photo)

My natural instinct is always to take photos of stairs from the bottom. Never forget to walk to the top. Or to turn around

Now that’s better

2 thoughts on “Working the shot

  1. I love your experiment, Sonya. And that last shot…perfect! I’m delighted you joined us. 😀

  2. Third time’s the charm as we say over here Sonya – beautiful!

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