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Old Coach Road



At the Johnsonville end, Old Coach Road has been swallowed up by suburbia but the rest  (still a legal road) forms a rare example of a barely-modified early colonial road. The 3-km section between Johnsonville and Rifle Range Road in Ōhariu Valley, where I walked this afternoon, is now protected. It was the first road to be registered by the Historic Places Trust.

Taken n in response to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge with the theme of benches

4 thoughts on “Old Coach Road

  1. Oh, I like this, quite atmospheric!

  2. What a lovely shot. I love the dreaminess of the middle ground and the sun on the bench; and then the sharper definition of the distant hills.

  3. The view is wonderful from that bench. 😀 Thanks for playing along Sonya 😀

  4. What a stunning monochrome shot! I love it!

    Feel free to share at My Corner of the World

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