Middleton Road

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From the plaque:

Kupe Raitea the Explorer, his wife Hine Te Aparangi and Pekahourangi the Tohunga (ritual expert) sight Aotearoa (New Zealand) from their canoe Matahourua.

and from Wikipedia

“Kupe was a great chief of Hawaiki who arrived in New Zealand in 925 AD. He left his cousin Hoturapa to drown during a fishing expedition and kidnapped his wife, Kuramarotini, with whom he fled in her great canoe Matawhourua. During their subsequent journeys, they overcame numerous monsters and sea demons, including the great octopus named as Te Wheke-a-Muturangi, and discovered New Zealand. Returning to Hawaiki, Kupe told of his adventures and convinced others to migrate with him”

Shot and posted in response to the travel with intent challenge theme of voyager 

2 thoughts on “Kupe

  1. A great topic for the voyager theme – many thanks for sharing this

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