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A photo a week challenge: chocolate



A recent survey found that Whittaker’s was New Zealand’s most trusted company.  The family owned chocolate and confectionary maker is seen as a counterpoint the the at times questionable business practices of the multinationals.

Alongside its recently introduced range of artisan chocolate bars, the company has put a series of products into the market designed to bring about a feeling of nostalgia in 40 somethings like me.

The latest offering combines whittakers famous chocolate with the childhood flavours of K Bars (although my personal favourite of orange is not included).

Taken and posted as a contribution to Nancy’s A Photo a Week Challenge with the theme of chololate


2 thoughts on “A photo a week challenge: chocolate

  1. I have tried them. Not really a fan of them. I never had K Bars but wasn’t keen on this flavour. The lime one was ok.

  2. I will definitely have to try them when I visit New Zealand (bucket list item, for sure!). Thanks for joining the challenge!

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