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Guest Photo Challenge: Time


Sundial of Human Involvement


The Sundial of Human Involvement in Wellington Botanic Gardens is an  analemmatic dial which  uses the shadow of a human observer, a human gnomon, to cast the shadow.

As the instructions on the plaque say  “Stand on the date of the year. With your back to the sun and your hands together pointed above your head. Your shadow will tell local standard time.”

It is said to be accurate to within a few minutes and that certainly seemed to be the case last week when I took this shot.

A contribution to Debbie’s guest challenge theme of time on the Lost in Translation blog.

7 thoughts on “Guest Photo Challenge: Time

  1. Your posts are always so interesting…
    And the photos , really super!

  2. This is extraordinary. Thank you for taking part.

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  5. A perfect choice for the theme. And I’ve learnt a new word too – analammetic! Thank you – now how can I use it?….

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