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A Photo A Week Challenge: White

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This week Nancy has challenged us to post a photo featuring the colour white. As a further sub theme she talks about the significance of colours in different cultures.

It would be a big exaggeration to say this photo shows what white means in my culture – but it does represent one aspect of tradition to me.

Followers from cricket playing countries might know what I mean for the rest of you there is a bit of a story behind it. There are three forms of international cricket.  Test cricket dates back over a century.  Test matches last five days and among other traditions both teams wear all white – as in this shot of the New Zealand slip cordon (the term for this particular group of fielders)

One day international games really started  in the seventies.  As the name suggests games last a day (about 8 hours).  The newest form of the game 20/20 has been played seriously for less than a decade. Games last around three and a half hours.  In both one day international and 20/20 games the teams wear coloured uniforms.  

Test cricket is always played during the day. The other forms are often played under lights.

20/20 cricket is now big business – particularly in India.

Myself – I am more of a traditionalist

slip cordon

One thought on “A Photo A Week Challenge: White

  1. I have only seen cricket played in movies (so never a full game). It probably has complicated rules that I would never fully understand (I’m still working on American Football, and I’ve been watching that almost my whole life). Love this shot and the story behind the all white outfits. Thanks for joining the challenge!

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