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P is for Plimmer’s Ark

The Inconstant was a wooden full-rigged sailing ship built in 1848 in Nova Scotia.  She was wrecked at Wellington in 1851 when she put in for water and ran aground.

The hull was purchased by John Plimmer and converted as a wharf on the waterfront and later became known as Plimmer’s Ark.  It was linked to the shore by a bridge and the interior served as a warehouse, auction room, customs store and immigration pier.

As the waterfront expanded Plimmers Ark became landlocked.  The upper works were demolished in 1883 and the hull disappeared under the first Bank of New Zealand.

In the late 1990s the site was redeveloped (as the Old Bank Arcade which I posted a photo of last week).  The remains of the hull were discovered and excavated.  The bow was preserved under a glass floor where it can easily be seen.

plimmers ark

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