Middleton Road

How I see the world

2 thoughts on “Tagged Z: New Zealand

  1. Good morning. The sky is very interesting. One thing I’ve learned from bloggers is: be bold. I love this photo.

    • Thanks Helen.

      I am doing an online photoshop course at the moment and one of the things the instructor says is to make a photo look how you saw it – I interpret that as an artistic as much as a technical aspiration. I go past this shopping centre most weeks (it is on one of my routes when I go for a walk) but it was the sky that really caught my eye on this occasion and caused me to take the photo. Its possibly overdone in a strict sense, but I’m happy with the way that it captures how I felt when I saw it (particularly since I was still 20 minutes from home if the rain started)

      By the way (since I know you are an iPhone user and have questions about post-processing) I took this with my phone and processed it using an app called snapseed.

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