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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

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I spent this past weekend in Christchurch – a city where some of my family are and where I lived for ten years.

I had two subjects in mind for photography before I went, and when this weeks theme was posted it all fitted in perfectly.  There was a big sense of being at the threshold – at a place in time and space that separates the past/present from the future.


I got to spend a bunch of time hanging out with my nephew.  At four and a half he seems on the verge of turning in to a “big boy”.


Of course he can still get engrossed in pretending to fly the kitchen stool to space.  But he can also think quite deliberately about the world – how it works and how he fits in to it.  More and more often he can also articulate those thoughts

He won’t be starting school till next year, but it feels like he is on the cusp of something exciting.



He is though doing his growing up in post earthquake Christchurch.  I am not sure that I feel the same optimism for the city as I do for him.  In the time I worked in Christchurch I had four different CBD offices.  All four have since been demolished.  One has some new building going on – three are vacant and derelict. They are all part of a city that is still working out where it is heading

tpk for heal


One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

  1. The threshold of rebuilding. Rebuilding a city. A new beginning to another chapter in life. I like that and your photos of rubble and construction (I think) illustrate this well. It must be a bit tiresome moving around offices so much but you seem to take it all in your stride – you sound positive 🙂

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